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Weight Management Program

Weight loss results you can sustain for 30 years, not just the next 30 days.

  • 1:1 support from a healthcare provider
  • Integrated personalized approach
  • Prescriptions for GLP-1 medications, if appropriate
  • Access to all Forward services

That weight loss target you've always wanted? It's hard. Really hard.

We get it.

Your journey is unique. It’s personal. Your plan should be personalized too, right? No more one-size-fits-all diets.

Whatever your weight loss goals are and whatever your situation is, we're here to help with a program crafted by you and your Forward doctor - for you.

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New Yorker
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“It's forever changed my life and I'll never be without it. I think everyone should experience healthcare just like this”

Saletta C., 38
Forward Member since 2019
Am I a Candidate?

Forward helped me feel good about myself. I was able to lose 40 pounds in 12 weeks and be more active with my kids.

Forward Member • 2021


Members enrolled in our program were 2.6x more likely to return their weight to normal levels


of program members reported that Forward helped them change their behavior in a positive way


5 Star Ratings for Forward Clinics

*Forward conducted a randomized trial with several hundred members over the course of 3 months to test whether a doctor-led health program helped overweight members lose weight. Those who were assigned the program group were 2.6x more likely to return their weight to normal levels in comparison to the control group.

One-to-one care specific
What's the Forward Difference? What to Expect:
Establish your Baseline
Image showing person holding laptop with a virtual doctors visit taking place. The doctor is displayed in the top right corner, and data is shown on the rest of the screen.
Meet your Care Team
  • Your membership will start with a virtual baseline, where you’ll meet 1:1 with your doctor to discuss your current health and goals
Young female patient looking at a female doctor in an exam room with the Smart Screen showing her health information in the background.
Measure your Vitals
  • Next, you'll visit our clinic to build a comprehensive snapshot of your health
  • Blood panel, including 40+ biomarkers for metabolic health, digestive health, heart health, and more
  • Based on your results, your doctor will determine if GLP-1 medication is appropriate
Start your Plan
Image showing healthy food options like salmon and kale with a phone showing Diet metrics.
Weight Loss Starts in the Kitchen
  • You'll focus on guidance, tips, and challenges to kick start sustainable nutrition habits
  • Your care team will check in weekly to help you stay on track. They're also available to you 24/7 - for free
Older man in a sweatshirt stretching after jogging on the bridge.
Get Moving
  • Getting active supercharges weight loss. You'll work on adding fitness that you actually enjoy to your routine
  • Those weekly check-ins? We're still here, still available 24/7, and at no additional cost
Woman eating a salad with her blood sugar showing
  • Your emotional state and emotional relationship to food play a big role in your journey
  • You'll focus on conquering the mental aspects of changing your relationship with food
Cement a Lifetime of Healthy Habits
Young female sitting on a mat doing yoga in front of a laptop screen
Mental Health is Physical Health
  • Mental Health impacts your weight - and your weight impacts your mental health
  • You'll learn how topics like stress management & sleep patterns affect weight gain - and what to do about it
Re-Establish Your Baseline
  • Meet 1:1 with your doctor and use that same tech from day 1 to see how far you've come
  • You'll reflect on what worked for you, what didn't, and make a plan to sustain your progress far past these 12 weeks
The End? Not quite. Luckily, your future is just getting started
Questions About Membership?
Built by an expert team of doctors
Our expert clinical team is committed to helping you achieve your weight loss goals. Through your Forward membership you'll have access to a customized plan, nutrition guidance, biometric monitoring, and routine bloodwork.

How Do We Compare to other Weight Loss Programs?

Weight Loss PlanForwardOther
Nutrition Guidance
Daily & Weekly Progress Tracking
Personalized to you
Focus on Sustainable Results
Based on Cutting Edge Tech
Tech & Support
Coaching & Support
24/7 Support
Doctor Led Program
Includes Bloodwork

The best part about the program? It comes with all a Forward membership has to offer — at no additional cost.

  • One-to-one, personalized, preventive care from top-rated Doctors
  • Focus on prevention to help keep you healthy and limit risk of chronic diseases before they start, not just treat your cold
  • Access to cutting edge technology like the Forward BodyScanner, blood labs, and skin cancer screening.
  • 24/7 Access to your care team for when you’re sick or have a question
a partner in your health

Support at every step


In-person visits

Forward members get 3x more time with their doctor per visit. Leaving you with answers and peace of mind.

Easy Access

Virtual visits

Understand your health and adjust your personalized plan together, from the comfort of home.

Anytime, Anywhere

24/7 app

Your care team is available around the clock, for reaching your goals or simply answering a question at 2am.

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All health programs for one flat fee

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